Boardroom Farmers (2): List of Farmland Investment Vehicles

Via Big Picture Agriculture, a handy list of farmland investment vehicles from the U.S., Canada, South America, and around the world:

  1. Farmland LP (sustainable farmland in the U.S.)
  2. NGP Global Adaptation Partners (Mark Zenuk, managing director)
  3. Black River Asset Management, part of the U.S. agri-business giant Cargill (Rich Hammill, managing director)
  4. Macquarie Crop Fund — (Carlos Aguiar, chief executive)
  5. Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management — (Tim Hornibrook)
  6. Agro Terra (Mark McLornan, chief executive) – Argentina
  7. Assiniboia Farmland Ltd. Partnership (Canada)
  8. International Farming Corp. (Mary McNairy)
  9. AgriCura (Gary Taylor) U.S.
  10. Optima Fund Management (Executive Managing Director Tom Gimbel) – Optima intends to list its American Farmland Co REIT in the next three to four years
  11. Gladstone Land Corp, a REIT focused on agricultural properties, on Nasdaq under the symbol “LAND.”
  12. Emergent Asset Management (David Mirrin) – 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
  13. InvestAg Savills (Henry Wilkes CEO)
  14. Terra Firma Capital Partners
  15. Agrotrust (
  16. Hancock Agricultural Investment Group
  17. Chess Ag Full Harvest Partners (Shonda Warner, CEO)
  18. Insight Investment (Ms. McBride)
  19. SLC Agricola SA (CEO Arlindo de Azevedo Moura) Brazil
  20. Warakirri Agricultural Trust
  21. Agman Group
  22. Sustainable Agricultural Fund
  23. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  25. Black Earth Farming Ltd.
  26. UBS AgriVest LLC.
  27. Cresud Inc.
  28. AgCapita Partners, Calgary
  29. Bonnefield Financial Inc., Toronto
  30. Pike Management Group, Calgary
  31. One Earth Farms Corp.
  32. HAIG – U.S.
  33. Limoneira Company (LMNR)
  34. Alico, Inc (ALCO)
  35. J.G. Boswell Company (BWEL.PK)
  36. Agrifirma
  37. Spearhead International
  38. Westchester Group
  39. African AgriLand Fund
  40. BrasilAgro
  41. Brown & Co.
  • Blackrock

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