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Grains of Wrath

Via The Economist, a report on how a Ukraine conflict sparked disruption in the wheat market would cause serious harm to the biggest Arab country: The biggest buyer of wheat in the world is Egypt, which will import over 13m tonnes of the grain this year. Odd, then, that the way it makes these purchases is […]

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Bill Gates’ Latest New Investing Craze: Farmland

Via GuruFocus, a look at how Bill Gates has acquired over 269,000 acres of farmland, making him the largest private farmland owner in the US based on a Land Report study: Today’s world population is close to 7.9 billion people, with approximately 1 billion of those people already going hungry. The UN estimates the world […]

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Sisi Hands Over Nile Islands To Military

Via Al Monitor, an article on the Egyptian President’s decision to the president’s decision to hand over the ownership of 37 islands to the army Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued a decree Jan. 25, handing over ownership of 37 islands to the Egyptian armed forces. The move includes 36 islands in the Nile River and one island […]

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The Great Amazon Land Grab

Via The Conversation, an article on how Brazil’s government is turning public land private, clearing the way for deforestation: Imagine that several state legislators decide that Yellowstone National Park is too big. Also imagine that, working with federal politicians, they change the law to downsize the park by a million acres, which they sell in a private […]

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About This Blog And Its Author
Seeds Of A Revolution is committed to defining the disruptive geopolitics of the global Farms Race.  Due to the convergence of a growing world population, increased water scarcity, and a decrease in arable land & nutrient-rich soil, a spike of international investment interest in agricultural is inevitable and apt to bring a heretofore domestic industry into a truly global realm.  Whether this transition involves global land leases or acquisitions, the fundamental need for food & the protectionist feelings this need can give rise to is highly likely to cause such transactions to move quickly into the geopolitical realm.  It is this disruptive change, and the potential for a global farms race, that Seeds Of A Revolution tracks, analyzes, and forecasts.

Educated at Yale University (Bachelor of Arts - History) and Harvard (Master in Public Policy - International Development), Monty Simus has long held a keen interest in natural resource policy and the geopolitical implications of anticipated stresses in the areas of freshwater scarcity, biodiversity reserves & parks, and farm land.  Monty has lived, worked, and traveled in more than forty countries spanning Africa, China, western Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Southeast & Central Asia, and his personal interests comprise economic development, policy, investment, technology, natural resources, and the environment, with a particular focus on globalization’s impact upon these subject areas.  Monty writes about freshwater scarcity issues at and frontier investment markets at